Lab Press

Remember, in science, it's all about me, me, me! Here are some stories showcasing publicity about the lab.

Science Careers article on open science that quotes me. (June 2014)

The MBL Catalyst for Winter 2013/21014 discusses some of our work on and interest in the squid genome and transcriptome. (January 2014)

A NatureJobs article on dry-lab biologists by Roberta Kwok, Computing: Out of the hood, quoted me on Software Carpentry. (December 2013)

An interview at The Genome Analysis Centre in Norwich, UK: video. (November 2013)

A Nature Comment by Mark Hahnel: Referencing: The reuse factor. (October 2013)

An Al-Jazeera America post by Victoria Schlesinger: Scientists threatened by demands to share data. (October 2013)

A Nature Technology Feature by Vivien Marx, Next-generation sequencing: The genome jigsaw quotes Titus extensively. (September 2013)

BioIT World interview: Uncertainties in Assembly. (August 2013)

MSU Alumni webinar on Big Data challenges in biology, I've got the Big Data blues. (August 2013)

An article in GenomeWeb on formal and informal options for bioinformatics training: Many Options, Formal and Informal, for Those Seeking Bioinformatics Education. (July 2013)

A video from the SESYNC Center in Annapolis about a meeting Titus co-organized on Cyberinfrastructure Education in Biology. (July 2013)

Nature newsblog: Genome assembly contest prompts soul-searching. (July 2013)

Blog interview: An interview by @simplystats (August 2012)

Datanami article: Researchers germinate approach to Big Bio data (August 2012)

MSU press release: Massive data for miniscule communities (August 2012)

NY Times article: DNA sequencing caught in deluge of data (November 2011)

Nature Technology Feature: Coding your way out of a problem: Advice from the pros (June 2011)

MSU article: Titus Brown trains scientists in computational data analysis (November 2010)

MSU article: MAES receives $1.5 mil for animal research (March 2010)