Lab mailing list

You can reach the entire lab at

Lab Sports

The official lab sports are Ultimate Frisbee and squash. Occasionally lab members choose to play less refined sports, but that is their own problem.

Lab members

(October 2013 - please use a pull request on the main repo to update this site when you join the lab)

C. Titus Brown Asst. Professor
Chris Adami Professor (MMG) -- honorary co-located labbie
Arend Hintze Post-doctoral researcher (w/Adami Lab)
Elijah Lowe PhD student (CSE)
Qingpeng Zhang PhD student (CSE)
Likit Preeyanon PhD student (MMG)
Jiarong Guo PhD Student (MMG; w/Tiedje Lab)
C.S. Welcher PhD student (CSE)
Leigh Sheneman PhD student (CSE)
Tamer Mansour PhD Student (MMG; w/Schutte Lab)
Luiz Irber PhD student (CSE)
Michael R. Crusoe Staff Software Engineer / Bioinformatician
Katie LaChance Undergraduate Researcher
Alexis Pyrkosz Post-doctoral researcher (w/Cheng Lab)
Sherine Awad Post-doctoral researcher

Emeritus members

Rose Canino-Koning MS Student (CSE)
Tasneem Pierce Lab manager and undergraduate researcher
Eden Tekleab MS student (CSE)
Kaben Nanlohy Research Associate(w/Li Lab)
Owen Pierce Undergraduate Researcher
Alex Nolley Undergraduate Researcher
Eric McDonald Staff Scientist/Software Engineer
Peggy Wolf Technician
Jason Pell PhD Student (CSE)
Tim Brom PhD Student (CSE)
Brittney Grzesiak Undergraduate researcher
Adina Chuang Post-doctoral researcher (w/Tiedje Lab)
Kanchan Pavangadkar Post-doctoral researcher

Affiliated MSU programs

Titus Brown is an assistant professor in the departments of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG). We welcome students and collaborators from pretty much any program, however.

The GED lab shares interests with the Quantitative Biology Initiative (QBMI), the Gene Expression in Development and Disease Focus Group, and the Neuroscience Program. We are also part of the BEACON NSF Science and Technology Center for the study of evolution in action.

Lab policies

Other than the usual Golden Rule derivatives ("don't treat other people badly"), there are is only one up-front policy: all students doing computational work under Dr. Brown's supervision will be expected to release their source code under an MSU-approved open source license prior to publication or graduation, whichever comes first.