CSE 891: Computational Science for Evolutionary Biologists

Instructors: C. Titus Brown, ctb@msu.edu; Art Covert, covertar@gmail.com.


CSE 891, fall 2012, section 002, 3 credits. Class time: 11am-12:30pm EST. MSU location: 1455A BPS (BEACON classroom).

U Texas contact: Art Covert, covertar@gmail.com

U Idaho contact: James Foster, foster@uidaho.edu

This course will run from 8/29/12 - 12/7/12 (the Michigan State schedule) and will be offered by videoconference at UW Seattle, U Idaho, and UT Austin as part of the BEACON Center collaboration. Please, no sitting in without doing the work.

Two 80 minute lectures (3 credits).

Prerequisites: graduate standing in the natural sciences and/or engineering, OR permission of instructor. (An override is required to enroll for this course at MSU; please send the your full name and PID to the instructor.)

This course is offered as part of the BEACON NSF Science and Technology Center, http://beacon.msu.edu/.

Course information:

Doing biology increasingly requires computational skills and quantitative reasoning abilities. This course will introduce students to computational thinking and practice through an intensive scripting and programming regimen, built around a series of models and data sets from evolutionary and molecular biology. During this course we will introduce the Python programming language, scripting and pipelining, simulations, and data analysis.

This course is intended for graduate students with little or no previous programming experience. There are no prerequisites other than a strong background in at least one of evolution, ecology, genetics, or molecular biology. Enrollment by permission of instructor only.

Course Syllabus

Lab of Genomics, Evolution and Development / ctb@msu.edu