Homework 1: CGI scripts

Due Tuesday, September 15th, at 4:30pm (start of class).

1. Take the file 'hello.cgi' (from the class svn server for HW files, http://class.ged.idyll.org/svn/files/hw1/hello.cgi) and install it under your CGI directory so that it is accessible as 'http://www/cse.msu.edu/cgi-user/$USER/hello.cgi' (replace $USER with your CSE account name). You shouldn't need to make any modifications to the script itself other than making it executable. (2.5 points)

2. Write a CGI script that takes in POST data from this form: http://class.ged.idyll.org/svn/files/hw1/form.html, and processes it to dynamically produce output like this: http://class.ged.idyll.org/svn/files/hw1/form-output.html. That is, the CGI script should printing out "Number" copies of "Name" on separate lines, in the given color, with conversion of the name to uppercase or lowercase as specified. Use the 'cgi' module to parse the input data. Your CGI script should be named 'hw1/process-hw1-form.cgi'. (5.0 points)

Handing in Homework

You will be using the Subversion ('svn') server at


with your MSU username. I'll send out a link for setting up your SVN accounts between now and Thursday, and we'll discuss how to use Subversion in class on Thursday.

A few notes:

  • Make sure to name your HW files exactly as specified in the HW itself. This makes it easy for us to find.

    So, for the second part of the homework, you should make SURE that your homework file is accessible as


  • Also make sure that what is checked in, works; the best way to do this is to check it back out in a different directory, and then try running it, hint.