Homework 9: Code coverage and testing

Due Tuesday, November 10th, at 4:30pm.

  1. Improve your svn hygiene.

a) Make sure that you're including everything that you need in order to run your code in your svn archive by doing a clean checkout and ensuring that your test_apps.py and webserve*.py files run. (Hint: check for form.html, templates/, html/.

(1 point will be deducted for failing to do this.)

b) Be sure to hand this and all future homeworks in by branching from /trunk using 'svn copy'.

(1 point will be deducted for failing to do this, in this and future homeworks.)

Hint: fixing (a) in trunk and then doing (b) to hand in future homeworks

  1. Use code coverage (with figleaf) to analyze test_apps. You should have 100% code coverage of your apps in test_apps.py. Add tests to your test_apps.py until you do. (2.5 points)

  2. Implement three twill tests in the 'twill/' directory, named 'test_hello.twill', 'test_redirect.twill', and 'test_form.twill'. They should do a simple, minimal test of the behavior of hello_app with a URL of '/', form_app with a URL of /foo/bar/baz, and form_app with a POST to /process_form, respectively.

    I must be able to run these against a Web server by doing

    twill-sh -u http://localhost:5000/ hw9/twill/*.twill

    (2.5 points)

  3. Edit your templates in 'templates/base.html' so that it contains all of the OSWD HTML and CSS formatting from HW #8, and then edit your FileServer app so that it FIRST checks to see if jinja2 can render the given file from your templates directory, and only then look in your ./html directory. Be sure to create a 'content' block in your base.html template so that content can be swapped out in jinja2.

    I'll give you some code examples and more details on Thursday, but the basic idea is that I should be able to put 'foo.html' in templates/ containing

    {% block content %}
    hello, world
    {% endblock %}

    and see a fully-formatted page with 'hello, world' in the main content block of your page when I visit


    in your Web server.