Homework 10: Logins and a message board

Due Tuesday, November 24th, at 4:30pm.

  1. Write twill tests for login validation, account creation, and message deletion for the meep message board,


    (2.5 points)

    Login validation should test that only the correct username/password combo can log in.

    Account creation should create an account that can then lead to a successful login.

    Message deletion should (a) remove the message from the list of messages, but (b) only if the Web user deleting the message is logged in.

    Please integrate the meep code into your trunk and hand things in as hw10, as normal. Put the twill tests in trunk/meep-twill/ and make sure that you can run them like so:

    twill-sh -u http://localhost:5000/ meep-twill/*.twill
  2. Implement Python code to make the tests pass. (2.5 points)

Note that I will give credit for tests without fully functioning Python code, but not vice versa -- so write the tests even if you can't get the Python code to fully work!

  1. Integrate templates and make it look non-embarrassing. (2.5 points)

Rather than using my hard-coded HTML inside Python, switch to using Jinja2 templates that inherit from your OSWD CSS template. At a minimum, please use a Jinja2 template for each HTML page that is returned, and use inheritance to inherit from a base template.

(Please ask me for help if I haven't returned comments on your templating homework, #9, and you're having trouble getting it to work.)