Homework 7: Writing a Web server, part 5

Due Thursday, Oct 16th, at 12:40pm (lab start).

Download the new webserve test code here:


and modify your 'webserve.py' from HW #6 to make the tests pass.

HW #7 adds static file serving to HW #6. Any URL not explicitly handled by Python code (/test/* and /auth/*) should serve a file from the files/ subdirectory (see http://class.ged.idyll.org/svn/files/hw-7/files/) or return a 404/file not found error if the file does not exist or cannot be opened. Be sure to set the Content-Type to the appropriate MIME type for each file based on its extension, e.g. 'text/html' for .html files.

Make sure that the top URL, '/', correctly points to 'index.html', and that the in-line image 'standing.jpg' is properly served.

Please also make sure that your cookie handling from HW #6 works properly with a real Web browser; that is, when running your Web server and access the site,

You can use the form included at the bottom of http://class.ged.idyll.org/svn/files/hw-7/files/index.html to test out your /auth/login code.