Essay assignment

Outline due November 6th; final essay due November 28th. 3-5 pages, not including figures, data, and code.

(Final project proposal will be due at the same time; then you'll have two weeks to implement.)


Now that you have some real Web serving under your belt, let's revisit multitasking again.

The basic assignment is to explore the performance of various multitasking strategies, in the context of either your Web server code or the echo-server functionality assignments.

Performance includes throughput (bytes/sec), latency (delay in receiving first byte), CPU utilization (e.g. measured with 'time' on Linux), and memory or other non-CPU resource utilization.

You should pick at least two of the following axes (that is, types of strategies) across which to explore performance:

  1. Non-blocking server vs threading server vs processes. (note, you can use the multiprocessing package here, in Python 2.6)
  2. Threads vs cooperative multitasking (e.g. see 'multitask' module).
  3. Number of cores or processors being used.
  4. C code vs Python code.
  5. Size of data being sent.
  6. Linux vs Windows vs Mac OS X.
  7. Between two machines, and to the local & external interfaces on one machine.
  8. Number of concurrent processing units (number of threads/processes)

Pick at least two of these, do relevant measurements, and try to explain what you see. Write up a discussion with diagrams etc. Your job is to convince me of two things:

Please submit a bullet-point outline of your proposed topic(s) before lab on November 6th. The final essay is due on November 28th.

Please also remember to do this work on lab computers, not on arctic.

The writing should not be collaborative, although I encourage you to discuss your results with other people.