Using the Nano editor

One thing you’ll almost certainly need to do is edit text files – things like scripts and configuration files.

There are a bunch of ways to edit files. The only wrong way is to use Microsoft Word... which, if you’re not quite careful, will put non-text characters in your file and mess everything up. You Have Been Warned.

The simplest default editor that comes with your EC2 machine is called ‘nano’; it’s very similar to ‘pico’, the editor that pine uses. You can run it like this:

%% nano $filename

where $filename is any valid UNIX filename (which is pretty much anything). It’s a really good idea to avoid spaces and funny characters – I’d suggest sticking with lowercase, underscores and dashes, and periods, e.g.


Note, if you make up a long filename, you don’t always have to type the whole thing out – you can type ‘that’ and then hit TAB to do auto-completion.

Once nano is running, you can type stuff into it and move around with the arrow keys. (The mouse won’t work, sorry. That’s attached to your local computer, which doesn’t send mouse information to the remote computer – UNIX was invented before mice.) Along the bottom of the screen, though, are some cryptic instructions:

^G Get Help  ^O WriteOut  ^R Read File ^Y Prev Page ^K Cut Text  ^C Cur Pos
^X Exit      ^J Justify   ^W Where Is  ^V Next Page ^U UnCut Text^T To Spell

These are all actions that nano will perform for you on command. The critical piece of information that you are lacking is this: the ^ means “use the control key”, i.e. “CTRL-X” exits. Try typing something, then hitting “CTRL-X”. It will ask you if you REALLY want to save... says “yes”. And now try re-editing the file with nano – you can use the up arrow at the ‘%’ prompt to get to the previous command. Easy, yeh?

And that’s it, you’re done! You’ve edited your first text file!

Note that what you put in the text file will vary with what you’re trying to do. More on that later.

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