NIH HMP Workshop / Knight Lab - Apr 2012


These documents are not maintained and their instructions may be out of date. However the GED Lab does maintain the khmer protocols which may cover similar topics. See also the installation instructions for the current version of the khmer project.

Metagenomic assembly in the cloud

Introductory slides for the demo

Contact Adina Howe or Titus Brown to discuss!

Older tutorials

Digital normalization (2012 paper notes/pipeline) – The paper notes and data analysis pipeline for the digital normalization paper. The data analysis pipeline stuff is not for metagenomes, however; it describes microbial genome assembly and eukaryotic transcriptome assembly.

December 2011 / Metagenome Assembly workshop – A slightly older (but more comprehensive) introduction to metagenome assembly, from an MSU-local workshop.

Note that there are tons of other tutorials for all sorts of things next-gen-sequence-y here: NGS Workshop Tutorials (2011 version).

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