Data Sets (for Fun and Profit)

We have a number of next-gen sequencing data sets available for use in the course. Some of them are public and/or published, while others will only be accessible to you while you’re at the course (you can ask for special permission, afterwards, but it’s up to the PI).

The private data sets can all be downloaded here. Username ‘ngs’, password is the super-secret one I gave you.

Resequencing and Variation Analysis

Campylobacter jejuni data set, Illumina; Mansfield Lab (private)

Drosophila melanogaster data set, Illumina; Dworkin Lab (private)

Lamprey genome data set, Illumina; Lamprey Genome Sequencing Consortium (private) – not yet uploaded


Mouse cell line data set, Illumina; Wold Lab (published) – not yet uploaded

Lamprey, 50-mer liver and brain RNA; Lamprey Genome Sequencing Consortium (private) – not yet uploaded

Lamprey, 75-mer diverse tissues; Li/Brown Lab (private) – not yet uploaded




Chicken allele-specific expression, Cheng Lab (private) – not yet uploaded

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