Retrieving the dominant organism at the end of a runΒΆ

Your homework for next Friday involves running avida for a long time and retrieving the dominant organism at the end of the run. How do you do that!? After setting up your EC2 system (Starting your cloud system) and getting Avida going (Building and installing Avida), here’s what you do.

First, you need to edit the ‘events.cfg’ file, just as you did before in order to set the exit time to 500 updates.

So, type:

%% nano events.cfg

and add a few lines at the bottom:

u 0:100:end PrintDominantData      # Save info about most abundant genotypes
u 50000:50000 SavePopulation       # Save current state of population.

Where 50,000 is the number of updates you want to run things for. This must match the exit line, so change that, too:

u 50000 exit

Save and exit nano (see Using the Nano editor).

Now run avida:

%% avida

Wait a looooong time. (Did you remember to start screen? No? Oops! Kill avida by typing ^C (CTRL-C), then run ‘screen’ (see Long Running Jobs, Take 2 in UNIX Cheat Sheet), and run avida again.

Wait until the run ends.

Now, look at the end of the data/dominant.dat file, which contains all of the dominant organisms for every 100 update:

%% tail data/dominant.dat

Here, ‘tail’ just shows you the last few lines of the data file. The last line should look something like this:

5000 89 252 0.353175 0.00396825 94 94 89 8 0 0 117 0 0.373077 526410 094-aabew

You’re looking for the genotype name of the dominant organism at update 5000, which is the second-to-last field – 526410, in this case. Write it down (or e-mail it to yourself, or whatever ;).

Now, look for the genotype line in the dominant population file for update 50000:

%% grep 526410 data/detail-50000.spop

(Here, ‘grep’ is a UNIX command that looks for the word ‘526410’ in the given file.)

The line should look something like this:

526410 org:divide  518208 8 16 94 89 252 0.353175 526 4937 -1 117 0 1 wzcalcclctkhcucdocydxsxkcculdgcjtpvcqmosnzrdgcorzrzwscficfnccczqcavbxcpzvcsazhszdccczvfcaxvgab 2673,2733,2734,2792,2853,2913,2914,2973 220,48,48,55,48,48,48,48 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0

And that tells you what the dominant genotype is!

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