Trying out mapping – using bowtie to map short reads to the Campylobacter genome


  1. Learn how to map short reads to a reference sequence using bowtie.
  2. Choose your own bowtie parameters (see especially the discussion of -n alignment and -v alignment). These parameters are specified on the ‘bowtie’ command line, like ‘-p 2’ in the tutorial below.
  3. Evaluate the mapping quality using the samtools viewer and ‘’ script.


As part of resequencing analysis, you’ll probably need to take your sequencing reads and map them back to a or the reference genome. This process is fraught with mild peril, for reasons I’ve discussed in class lectures, including:

  • ambiguous mapping to repetitive regions
  • bias and error in sequencing
  • difficulty in detecting large scale genomic variation

Below, we’ll go through mapping (with the bowtie software) and two ways of examining the mapping.

Mapping and simple visualization

Work through the tutorials on bowtie mapping and mapping visualization (Mapping with bowtie and Visualizing mappings with Samtools). If you start with the AMI ami-4403f42d (search for ‘’ on the AMI screen), then it comes with bowtie and samtools pre-installed – just skip the “Installing...” sections.

Looking at systematic biases in the mapping

Use the ‘’ script to evaluate the quality of the mapping. First, you may need to update the ‘beacon’ repository from github:

%% cd ~/beacon
%% git pull origin master
%% cd /mnt/campy

Now, run the script:

%% python ~/beacon/mapping/ > campy-map.var

Plot the contents of the .var file with your favorite program – you can download it to Excel, or you can just generate a plot immediately with

%% python ~/beacon/mapping/ campy-map.var

This is a mapping of variation by position within the read; it should be flat if the mapping parameters are accurate.

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