Revised instructions for running Avida (with scripts)ΒΆ

Start up your machine as normal.

Instead of running any of the install commands, do this instead:

%% apt-get update
%% apt-get -y install git-core

Now download all of the BEACON scripts from my github account (more on that later):

%% git clone git://

This will create a directory ‘beacon’, with a directory ‘avida’ under it. The ‘avida’ directory will contain the following (text) files):

We’ll go through one by one, but most of the commands in the ‘.sh’ files should be pretty recognizable... Anything ending with ‘sh’ is a bash shell script, and anything ending with ‘.py’ is a Python script (by convention, not by requirement!)

First, run ‘’.:

%% bash beacon/avida/

Then, run ‘build-avida’:

%% bash beacon/avida/

Edit the config file(s) in ‘avida/beacon’ appropriately using ‘nano’:

%% nano avida/beacon/events.cfg


%% nano avida/beacon/avida.cfg

Now, go run ‘run-avida’:

%% bash beacon/avida/

Now you’ll have a bunch of data directories named ‘data.1’ through ‘data.10’ in the ‘avida/beacon’ subdirectory. You can run ‘’ and ‘’ on each one:

%% python beacon/avida/ avida/beacon/data.1

%% python beacon/avida/ avida/beacon/data.1

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