2013 HMP Assembly Webinar – electronic materials


These documents are not maintained and their instructions may be out of date. However the GED Lab does maintain the khmer protocols which may cover similar topics. See also the installation instructions for the current version of the khmer project.

author:Titus Brown <ctb@msu.edu>
date:May 6th, 2013

These are the electronic materials to accompany a webinar I gave on metagenome assembly, sponsored by the Human Microbiome Project Data Analysis Coordination Center. A recording will be available soon.

The slides are available here.

Ask questions about this on the khmer@lists.idyll.org mailing list (you will need to sign up here first).

Running tutorials

To run through the below tutorials, follow these instructions for starting up a cloud machine, with two key alterations:

  1. Use the AMI ami-999d49f0, the latest StarCluster AMI.
  2. Use an m2.xlarge sized machine – or at least something with more than 10 GB of memory.

Then, log in to the machine (Mac instructions and Windows instructions) and move on to the first link below, “installing assemblers”.


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