2013 MSU Assembly WorkshopΒΆ


These documents are not maintained and their instructions may be out of date. However the GED Lab does maintain the khmer protocols which may cover similar topics. See also the installation instructions for the current version of the khmer project.

Tracy Teal <tkteal@msu.edu>

Titus Brown <ctb@msu.edu>

Please enter your info into this form if you didn’t already!

You’ll need to start up an EC2 instance. We’ll walk you through this.

You’ll want to use the AMI ami-d6e581bf.

For those of you without AWS accounts, pick your machine from here.

Then, see Logging into your new instance “in the cloud” (Mac version) or Logging into your new instance “in the cloud” (Windows version).


If you want to start from scratch, follow Packages to install.

LICENSE: This documentation and all textual/graphic site content is licensed under the Creative Commons - 0 License (CC0) -- fork @ github. Presentations (PPT/PDF) and PDFs are the property of their respective owners and are under the terms indicated within the presentation.
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